Digital Citizenship Resources

  Resources for Teachers and Parents to Implement Digital Citizenship in the Classroom or at Home


‘Internet Social Networking advice and guidance for young people, parents and teachers.’ It has an emphasis in social networking and cyber bulling. Not very youth friendly, more geared to teachers and parents with lesson plans


A non-profit foundation that has ‘Internet Safety’ curriculum. There is little free to download. The curriculum seems to be reasonably priced and I am looking into this as a possibility for our school.


Brainpop has some teacher resources but is mainly a great place for students to explore digital citizenship. It has a variety of games and lessons for them to go through. Most is free for students to use once they are signed up and SCOE has given teachers accounts.

Common Sense Media

This is the main one! The best collection of teacher resources and lesson plans. It includes scope, sequences and standards. It is more for teachers however and not for students to go online to.


This is a branch off of commonsense media. They partnered with Edmodo to make teacher tool kits. SCOE uses this site as ‘proof’ of having cyber safety curriculum and to get their e-rate.

Digital Citizenship: Using Technology Appropriately

This site doesn’t look very professional but does seem very well connected. They have published with ISTE and its main author, Mike Ribble has published a few articles on digital citizenship. Teacher and parent resources, not kid friendly.

Digital Citizen

California School Library Association and California State University Long Beach created a blog with six modules for digital citizenship. Not the best but interesting!

Cable in the Classroom

This site is very visually appealing. However, it is created by ‘the cable industry’ It seems to have some great links and some solid lesson plans but I worry about the connection it has.


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